The Pittsburgh Steelers can’t provide enough protection to give their quarterback Ben Roethlisberger time to complete his passes. He was sacked five times by a defense that isn’t very good. The Minnesota Vikings completely out played the Steelers as the world was watching.

Lets face it, the Steelers season is just about over. You can see the disgust in the face of their leader, Roethlisberger. The team is now 0-4 and they can’t seem to get anything right. Their defense couldn’t stop the Vikings back up quarterback.

Their defense couldn’t stop the rushing attack of Adrian Peterson. Their offense continues to struggle and it is only a matter of time before the team fires their offensive coordinator. Even that isn’t going to help this team turn things around.

The Dynasty that used to exist is dead.  There is no way this team is going to be able to turn things around this season. The Steelers are broken beyond repair. They are going to need some top round draft picks to get the personal the teams needs to be competitive.

The front office let this team turn old. They let some key players walk and they failed to replace them with people that could get things done. This is the end of the dynasty we once knew as the Pittsburgh Steelers.

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  1. Lorraine Trifanoff Nagy

    This sums it up!

  2. Bob Graff

    The Steelers should have known this was going to happen. They are an entirely different team than last year. The sad thing is they tried to convince the fans that they were putting something special on the field when in they were putting a bunch of backups in as starters.

  3. Patrick

    The Steelers weren’t a very good team last year, either. They have been aging for a while now and we all saw this coming.

    • Anonymous

      What does it say when your best Olineman is someone you picked up 3 weeks ago??? Has the tomlin era even drafted a player that is great? He rode the coat tail of Cowhers picks till they got old.

    • rick spencer

      fact is the offensive line stinks. They spent a lot of high picks on Adams Decastro etc. and they aren’t getting the job done. Ike taylor looks lost on defense and the rest of the secondary is just as bad.We had it good for a long time but the partys over now.

  4. Anonymous

    It’s time for Houston to trade for Big Ben.

  5. jackie bruner

    rick spencer got it right!tomlin must go ,look at the graph since tomlin took over after cowher , its been a downward spiral or nose dive to be nice ,colbert too,were capped out ,thats why you cant build depth,and then you extend tomlins contract brilliant!

  6. hp

    Not just the Steelers but Steelers football.
    With all the rule changes the league has outlawed smash mouth football.
    It will soon be a ballet contest with points. A shadow of the game Jim Taylor, Dick Butkus, Joe Greene and Ray Lewis played. Bye bye NFL.

  7. Robert

    There is nothing with #7 . Coaches put you in position to win. This is on Tomlin and crew. The team has lost it’s swagger and direction. TO MANY EXCUSES FOR MY TASTE.

    • hp

      Isn’t swaggering a 15 yard penalty these days?
      Don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings.

  8. justin

    What has Tomlin ever said that wasn’t the obvious? hes gotta go. now. only keep lake and Butler.

  9. Rocco

    Ben is getting what he wanted and started last year – enough problems in the locker room and on field to get rid of Haley. This all began last year with Ben’s hard feelings and speaking out about ownership getting rid of OC Bruce A and hiring Todd Haley. Then you have poor player evaluation by the coaches on top of Ben’s attitude.


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