By Larry GLicken

The Drama in Cleveland is over, for the last year it was all About Peyton Hillis. Hey Hillis what about the team? You must remember the team, or don’t ya Peyton? It was clear the day the Browns played the Miami Dolphins Hillis didn’t remember his team. He sure remembered what his agent told him. Then they come out and blame the whole thing on him. Hillis is a giant want to be football player at best. He has one good year in the NFL and he thinks he should be paid like he was a number one draft pick who won the Heisman trophy. Come on Hillis grow up and face the music. The only reason you had a decent year in a Browns uniform is because you had number 47 leading the way for you. That’s right a guy by the name of Lawrence Vickers that knock people out of your way.

Now Hillis is back to his old agent the one he fired three agents ago and Hillis is on his way to the Kansas City Chiefs. How many time did we all hear Hillis say he really wanted to stay in Cleveland? Yeah we can see how much he meant it. Not even 24 hours into free agency and Hillis is already out of Cleveland. Shows the character of the man don’t ya think? Lets hope Hillis has all the Success in the world in Kansas City. Otherwise Romeo Crennel may not be there long….

Maybe the team-mates Hillis has in Kansas City will kick his butt if he pulls the same kind of crap there…That is what the Browns players should have done last season instead of taking him aside and having a peaceful meeting….

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