With the NASCAR season about to get under way and all the changes to the race cars, the news if focusing in on Danica Patrick’s relationship with fellow competitor Ricky Stenhouse Jr.. Of course it they won’t focus on the fact that Daytona is quickly approaching and Danica is a serious threat to win a race. She doesn’t have the ability to go out and win on the track. Her fame needs to come through what she is doing off the track. The lady is an adulterer.  She isn’t even through her divorce proceedings yet and she is already out with a driver.

With all the new changes to the cars this season it’s a shame that the news media is reporting on the love life of Danica Patrick’s love life. This is racing, it is about powering those powerful machines around the track and crossing the finish line at the end of the race first. We knew once Patrick came to NASCAR the news would be focused on who she is sleeping with and what she is wearing. The lady has no business powering those race cars. The money that is spent by her team should be used to get her own reality show.

The life of Danica Patrick is quickly becoming a soap opera. Lets forget about who Danica is banging and get back to racing. That should be the real story when it comes to NASCAR. Can this lady win? That is what NASCAR fans want to know.


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