By Al Glicken

The brawl between Mexico and Canada that happened yesterday simply did not need to happen. A bunt single by Canada in the 9th inning was simply uncalled for. However according to the rule book the first tie break is run differential, this means that you need to have more runs scored for you then that of the opposing team. For instance if you have scored 25 runs and allowed 13 your run differential would be positive 12. The bunt single by Canada in the 9th inning was just a way for Canada to get a base runner in hopes of increasing their run differential. This would be normal if they were not already up by 7 in the 9th inning which caused Mexico to be rather aggravated with Canada’s game plan. The first tie breaker should be head to head followed by runs against. The current rules are setting teams up to be ignorant. Running up the score is not at all showing good sportsmanship but which nation wants to lose in a tie breaker because they showed good sportsmanship. If two MLB teams were playing and a bunt single took place in the 9th inning with that team being up by 7 then a hit batter or a brawl would clearly be on every body’s mind.


This rule needs to be changed for the safety of players and sanctity of nations wanting to be continually involved in the WBC. This is really an outrage because even though Canada clearly played the better game they are being looked down upon for bunting for a hit in the 9th being up 7 but in essence they were only trying to increase their chances of advancing to the next round of games.

With all of this being changed, the World Baseball Classic is not watched near as much being only televised on ESPN Deportes, the Hispanic based ESPN Channel. But you can be sure some fans are turned off because of this really bad rule that is currently in place.

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