Ryan Tannehill threw 3 interceptions, was sacked a couple of times and only threw for 217 yards and couldn’t find the End-Zone for his Miami Dolphins today. That wasn’t the Dolphins problem though. The Miami Dolphins were completely out played by the Tennessee Titans. It didn’t matter which side of the ball it was on, the Dolphins couldn’t compete with the Titans. Tennessee was clearly a better team.  The dolphins have had a story book season so far after the way they played last year. The story book could come to a terrible end if the Dolphins can’t pull it together soon.

The Dolphins defense isn’t playing with the same conviction as the teams offense. The Dolphins defense needs to get tough and stay tough. They have to be able to keep the Dolphins in the game to give Tannehill a shot. Playing from behind isn’t the way to keep the Dolphins moving in the right direction. The Dolphins defense has to do a better job keeping the game within reach. If they continue to give up too many points, off course Tannehill is going to struggle.

The Dolphins can’t rely the rookie quarterback to pull off come from behind wins. When this kid is pressing too hard, you are going to get mistake. Mistakes in the N.F.L. lead to turn-overs and turn-overs lead to losses as the Miami Dolphins learned today. Come on Dolphins get your defense to keep Tannehill in the game. We would love to see the Dolphins have a winning season.



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  1. rich9336

    I still don’t understand why Moore is not starting.He is alot better than Tannenhill will ever be

    • LG

      I really thought Tannehill was doing well for a while in Miami.

  2. michael mcbride

    What y’all expect? Look at the people who put the team together. And Ross you should be worried about all those empty seats instead of more more taxes.

  3. URIDOL12

    Mediocre and deppressing the way the Dolphins are given away a season. And I believe some players are hurting the tean rather than contribuiting. The Dolphin had wasted a great opportunity to avance the plafoffs by playing without conviction, especially against beateble teams. Last game it wa s a total disgrace in your own house guys, and all of you should be a sheme of your performance. You guys are getting big money to perform ans so far all of you had wasted a few players’ hard work. The Dolphin’ secondary is a mess, the offensive line played lethargy and there was not around any spark to change the ugly outcome. The coach Phiben had loss control of his team? I don’t beliebe this Dolphin team is going to be able to be the Bills, or the Seahawks. Worse when this mediocre Dolphin team face New England, San Francisco. This team have 7 remainning games and they may win maybe 2 or three. They will finish their mediocre season maybe 6 -11. Pathethic, things in this organization do not change.

    • LG

      You think you have it tough, just think how the browns fans feel. They bench McCoy in Favor of this Weeden and the team is still losing like crazy….

  4. URIDOLH12

    Why the Dolphing did put Moore in the second half? Tannehill did not produce anything in one entire half, and why Phibbin keep him the hole game? Is this Dolphin team committed to win or just to play to give Tannehill his experience? What kind of coaches do we have in this team? The only powerful runner that this have is Bush? Them he funble against, and the team keep it on the side lines for the rest of the game? Patethetic the others backs unable to do anything to spark a change. Why to many penalties that cost the team to maintain drives? Are these players getting away with so much slaking on the job?


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