The Detroit Tigers are facing the Boston Red Sox in game 3 of the ALCS and all of a sudden the lights went out at Comerica Park in Detroit Michigan.  The game stopped and everyone was left standing around.

Is this some kind of ploy by the Tigers to stop the Red Sox? I don’t think so, a the time the lights went off Verlander was doing a fine job of stopping them all by his self.

He already had 3 strike outs before the lights went off and the game was still in the early stages. We are going to have to keep on eye on what goes on in Detroit. If the lights continue to go out, maybe then the finger pointing will start.

Who knows with what the team pays the players, maybe they didn’t have enough money to pay the light bill…..Speaking of Lights out, at the time of this article Justin Verlander was pitching lights out.

he already has 6 strike outs and they are in the 4th inning.


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