It was the second time in 11 days that a major league pitcher achieved what some can only dream about, Tim Lincecum threw his first career no-hitter. He is the second pitcher in 2013 to do so. Lincecum pitched a great game.

He has faced a bunch of problems this season and for him to achieve something that most Major League pitchers can only dream of, it shows how focused he is this year.   Lincecum struck out 13 hitters last night, he only walked 4 and he earned a spot in baseball history for ever.

A no-hitter to his credit. The San Francisco Giants got a 9-0 win over the Padres behind the great pitching effort Lincecum gave in the game. It is easy when your team’s offense is producing a lot of run support for the team.

It allowed Lincecum to pitch and not think about giving up runs to the Padres. The no-hitter was saved by a spectacular diving catch by right fielder Hunter Pence. He helped Lincecum go down in baseball history.

Hunter Pence, will always be the guy people remember saving the no-hitter for Lincecum. He is also no part of baseball history.

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