The Dallas Cowboys and Tony Romo did everything they could to sweep the New York Giants in the second meeting of the 2 teams in 2012. Romo played like it was a Super Bowl appearance. He threw for 437 yards in the game,this was clearly his best personal performance of 2012. Throwing 4 interceptions didn’t help his cause and either did the 4 sacks he took. In the end when time ran off the clock it would be the Dallas Cowboys that would lose the game to the Giants. It wasn’t because of lack of effort. The Cowboys offense performed like a smoothly oiled machine for most of the game. The Cowboys defense on the other hand could control the Giants passing game, stopping Eli Manning in 2012 or any year for that matter is a tall order.

The Cowboys defense gave  up only 192 passing yards to Manning, with the performance Romo had you would think the Cowboys could have won the game. That wasn’t the case because the Giants defense was able to take advantage of the Cowboys mistakes and score 2 touchdowns. When you stop Manning but make mistakes like those, you are not going to come out on top. The Cowboys should have won the game. Turnovers ended up costing the Dallas Cowboys but they put up one hell of a fight. It was the best offensive performance the Cowboys had all season. They just needed not to create turnovers and in the end they cost the Cowboys the win….

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