Reports are coming out saying that Robert Griffin III needs a total knee reconstruction surgery. We saw the same thing happen Adrian Peterson last season and after his knee surgery he came back to the NFL and rushed for over 2,000 yards. If I were RGIII, I would rush over to the same doctor as Peterson had. The guy did a great job repairing his knee and it showed throughout the 2012 season. The Washington Redskins should do what ever it takes to get RGIII into that doctor’s office as soon as possible. Why risk not having the best? This guy that fixed Peterson’s knee knows what he is doing.

RGIII is the face of the Redskins franchise. They have to get him back t 100% this off-season. If he can reproduce the same kind of results we saw from Peterson this knee injury will soon be a distant memory. There is plenty of time to get the knee fixed and rehab it this off-season. We can’t blame the redskins head coach for putting RGIII back in the game Sunday. It is what RGIII demanded.




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