The NASCAR Hall Of Fame has a new Danica Patrick exhibit. Most of the time it takes years to be included into the NASCAR Hall Of Fame. That isn’t the case for Danica. She is already on display in the Hall.

The NASCAR Hall Of Fame located in Charlotte North Carolina, added a display saluting her as the first woman in the 65-year history of NASCAR’s premier series to qualify first for a Sprint Cup race. How about that. All it takes to get an exhibit these days is to have female plumbing.

Winston Kelley the executive director of the Hall Of Fame even reached out to Danica and asked her for some mementos to be included for the exhibit. Patrick gave them her trophy for winning the pole at Daytona this year and a few of the hats she wore in the Victory Lane celebration.

Patrick said she was pretty humbled that they wanted something. It is something the way NASCAR is treating Patrick. They bend a lot of the rules to make room for Patrick. Having a good-looking female driver, must be good for ticket sales.

It is hard to say whether Patrick will end up in the Hall Of Fame when her driving days are officially over. The way they are treating her now, I think it is safe to say Patrick will find a spot in the Hall Of Fame, if for nothing else, it will be because she is a women.

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