Written by Clifford San Monica

Playing Profar at second base is just common sense. Ian Kinsler–though even more talented than Dustin Pedroia in my opinion–doesn’t get nearly as much mileage out of his ability as his counterpart in Boston.

Ian frequently has lapses in the field, gets picked off more often than any 2nd baseman I know, and isn’t nearly the clutch hitter that Pedroia is (just ask Ozzie Guillen). In other (and fewer) words, I don’t think as much of Kinsler as others in the Texas organization do, talented as he is–particularly Ron Washington.

BTW, Ian will be 31 in another 10 weeks. There’s a lot less sand in the hourglass for him than there is for a 20 year old player most scouts think has multiple All-Star selections in his future. For those reasons, among others, at some point I’d send Kinsler packing to a GM who thinks Ian’s worth a good young pitching or catching prospect and call it a day.

Profar could easily develop into a poor man’s Sandy Alomar Jr someday; he definitely has the tools and the work ethic from what I’ve read. All he needs now is a little more experience and a genuine opportunity…





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