It just continues to pile in on former New England Patriot player Aaron Hernandez. His cousin, Tanya Cummings-Singleton is being held in a Suffolk County jail and has been there since August 1st. Authorities won’t say why they are holding Cummings-Singleton.

Reports say that Tanya Cummings-Singleton bought a bus ticket for Ernest Wallace who was reportedly with Hernandez on the night that semi-pro football player Odin Lloyd was killed. Wallace traveled to Florida and later turned himself into police where he denied a charge of accessory to murder after the fact, in the Hernandez murder case.

Without the authorities commenting as to why Cummings-Singleton is being held, it is anyone’s guess. It could be a charge as an accessory in the Hernandez case or it could be unpaid parking tickets for all we know. What we do know is Aaron Hernandez is one bad boy and it appears that some of his family members have traveled down the wrong path as well.

Sooner or later the authorities will have to offer an explanation as to why Cummings-Singleton is being held. Holding someone in custody for 9 days, has to lead to a serious charge. Time has a way of revealing the truth. If these charges facing Hernandez’s cousin are connected to his murder case we will find out soon…


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