Mike Shanahan made a huge mistake,he shouldn’t have let Robert Griffin III start the first game of the season. It is obvious he isn’t ready to play, and with what has happened in his first 2 games, he is probably losing his confidence.

RGIII looks nothing like the quarterback we saw last season. He is playing not to make mistakes and he is making a ton of mistakes. The Redskins are now 0-2 and they can still salvage their season even with the odds of making the play-offs decreasing because of the poor start the team is off to.

It is time for Shanahan to do the right thing. He has to sit RGIII and start Kirk Cousins. RGIII was rushed back into service and it is clear he doesn’t have the same mental capacity he had last season. It could be because his knee isn’t 100% or it could be that he is scared to have it re-injured.

What ever the reason is, you can’t sort it out on the field. RGIII isn’t playing up to his capacity. He is making a ton of mistakes. Sure he is still throwing for a lot of yards, but he is back there throwing on almost every down and he can’t move like he did last season.

Maybe not being able to play in the preseason just has him rusty. Nonetheless, they need to sit him and try to salvage the season they are letting slip away. Cousins is a good quarterback, he should be able to step in and give RGIII some time to get the cobwebs off his game.

If the Redskins don’t make the change now, it could only get worse. A 3-0 start really decrease the odds of making the play offs.



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