It is starting to become clear in New York that Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez and I use the term loosely, is part of the problem, not the solution. Sanchez is being out played by second round pick Geno Smith.

The Jets have had problems over the past few seasons and Sanchez has had plenty of opportunities to work things out. He was unable to do it and there is no reason to keep him in the Big Apple. Sanchez is nothing but a distraction to the team and the players.

The head coach Rex Ryan is the other problem the team has. He should have made a decision a long time ago about the leadership abilities of Sanchez. The Jets is like a soap opera and Ryan is the head comedian.

The guy is not head coach material and is only living off the name his father made in the NFL. If the Jets would get rid of both Sanchez and Ryan they would be a better team. It is time to move this team forward.

Change is what they need and they can see that making Geno Smith the starter is a positive move. Get rid of Sanchez and the head coach and this team would be on its way to a winning football team.

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