If anyone knows that your talents in the NFL can be prematurely judged, it is Bill Belichick. The media were in a frenzy over the fact that Tim Tebow showed up for his first practice with he New England Patriots, and the media expected Belichick to pass some short of judgement after only 1 practice.

Belichick, who could have one of the all-time greatest minds in the history f NFL football did what any guy who knows the damages of a premature judging would do. He simply said it is far to early to judge anyone’s performance on the football field, especially a guy who just got her.

Just think if the Browns would not have rushed to pass judgement on Belichick, what might have happened. Instead of the Browns being the laughing-stock of the NFL they might have had a super bowl by now. Of course that’s assuming the Browns didn’t pack up and make the move to Baltimore.

The point is, Belichick knows what can happen when people rush to judgement in the NFL. it happened to him in his past and he is not going to let it happen to Tim Tebow in New England. Belichick is the type of coach that gets things done.

He had to have seen something in Tim Tebow that he likes otherwise Tebow wouldn’t be in New England. Belichick has something on his mind when it comes to using Tebow this season. If he didn’t think it could work, Tebow would have never been signed.

Belichick is the kind of guy who knows a little more than he is telling anyone. he crosses the Tee’s and dots his I’s long before people know what is going on in that football mind of his. The New England Patriots have something on their minds and it is going to take the NFL by surprise this season.

When he shows his hand, I expect Tebow to be one of the players to make something happen in New England this season. I for one plan on watching the next evaluation of Bill Belichick football…..



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