By Larry GLicken

The New York Giants beat the New Orleans Saints by 25 points last night, they won the game 52-27 over a Saints team that has struggled all season long. Eli Manning was the Manning that won the last Super Bowl last night. Why don’t the Giants show up and play like this in every game? What is this team waiting for? The Giants are 8-5 and lost to the Redskins last week. I know RGIII is a difficult guy to beat but come on, this is the New York Giants we are talking about here, this is the defending Super Bowl Champions.

Manning threw for 259 yards against the Saints with 4 touchdown passes, he was picked off two times and he was not sacked once. The Giants should be able to play this way more often than not. Manning is a highly skilled veteran quarterback and he has a good group of guys around him. The teams seems to take time off during the season when it comes to their intensity level, last night we saw a a team that played very intense football on both sides of the football.

The Giants would see their running back David Wilson rush for 100 yards against the Saints, he ran one long for 52 yards and a touchdown and he had another touchdown in the game for a total of two. Where is this guy most of the time? The Giants can drive you crazy trying to figure out which team is going to show up. One thing is certain when the play offs start the Giants will show up that resemble the team we saw against the Saints.

Clifford sends me the question,

Are they the team that went up to San Francisco and RAG-DOLLED them to an extent that the 26-3 final score doesn’t begin to hint at, or are they the club that found itself in a death struggle last week to score 16 points against a Redskin outfit that has one of the worst pass defenses I’ve ever seen?

Just curious as you’re closer to the situation than I am…

It is hard to say which Giants team is going to show up, the best answer I could offer was to say the Giants are like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde this season. Clifford seems to agree, he said “Today the Giants reverted back to the kindly Dr. Jekyll. But  I have a feeling that the next two weeks will give us a clearer idea about who they really are…

Clifford does have a point, the next couple weeks will give us a look…


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