Talk about crying over spilled milk, The Raiders lost the super bowl to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers back in 2003. Now you have guys like Tim Brown and Jerry Rice coming forward 10 years later saying they lost thew game because then head coach Bill Callahan changed the game plan. They are saying Callahan lost the game on purpose because he hated the Raiders that much. Even if he did hate the Oakland Raiders, why would he try and lose a super bowl on purpose? This loss also reflects on him and as a NFL coach you don’t want to be labeled as not being able to win the big game.

Why would Brown and Rice wait 10 years before they came out with this news? The Raiders played a terrible game and they lost. Then Q.B. Rich Gannon threw five interceptions, how about blaming him for the loss? 3 of those interceptions were returned for touchdowns. You can’t go out and spot an NFL team 21 points and think you’re going to win the game. Both Rice and Brown are ruining the name of the Raiders former coach Bill Callahan. Both guys are making surprising statements and maybe they should have just let it go.

It is hard to believe that any head coach that worked so hard to get his team into the super bowl would purposely lose the game. It is easy to understand the competitive nature of Tim Brown and Jerry Rice, they want to win no matter what. It is hard to get to a supper bowl,, it is even harder to accept a loss.  Could this be what we are seeing now? Maybe Tim Brown and Jerry Rice miss the spotlight, this could be a way for the both of them ot keep their names in the News…..


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  1. shaunofthedead

    tim brown may h ave waited 10 years (perhaps until he gets in the hall of fame) but full back Jon Ritchie has said the same thing every year since it happened. I belive Al Davis saw the running gameplan and through it out the window, no pun intended.

    • LG

      So then it wouldn’t have been the coaches fault if he was challenged by Al Davis would it?

  2. tommy

    The year was 2002.

    • LG

      It may have been the 2002 season but the super bowl was played in 2003


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