Hey can you blame LeBron James for not wanting to go home yet? Maybe his mom is there and we all know how much trouble that lady could cause. If I were LeBron I wouldn’t want to go home either. Now let’s get serous.  LeBron James elevated his game to a different level as the Heat went onto Boston and were forced to win the game or face elimination. James took control of this game from the on-set of play. This was a re-focused LeBron James many haven’t seen in play-off basketball. LeBron came out smoking and help the Heat put the Celtics in a place they didn’t want to go into. The Heat controlled the entire game and James was the main reason why.

The Celtics couldn’t find a solution last night to LeBron James. Defensively it looked as though they had no answer at all. No defender was able to get in front of James and the Celtics watched as James would drive right to the basket and score at will. The good news for the Celtics may be the fact they have a day to look at film to try to figure out a way to control LeBron James in-game seven. The bad news is they have to travel back to Miami to face a LeBron James led Heat team that wants this real bad.

The Heat knows if they lose this game it could mean the end of the Big-three, many think the Heat will get rid of at least one of them. The way James is playing it won’t be him. So that leaves Wade or Bosh. The Miami Heat know what they have to do come game seven, the Boston Celtics also know what they have to do. I look for this one to be an all out war.

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