The Seattle Seahawks  looked good against the Tennessee Titans last night beating them 27-17 in Seattle’s first pre-season game. Terrell Owens didn’t play in the game and it looked like the Seahawks have no need for T.O. on their offesne.  The Seattle receivers teamed up for 195 yards against the Titans and the Seahawks added 135 rushing yards. The Seahawks looked pretty good against the Titans and it make me ask why would Pete Carroll take the chance of bringing in a cancer like Terrell Owens? The Seahawks don’t need a distraction in their locker room from a guy like T.O..

The Seahawks come into the 2012 season stacked with talent at wide receivers. In last nights pre-season game, the Seahawks used 15 different guys as receivers. They didn’t have T.O. out there and from what I see they don’t need T.O. out there. The Seahawks are coming into the 2012 season trying to improve on their 2011 season and their 7-9 finish. Can T.O. help them do that or will he just become a distraction to Pete Carroll and his Seattle Seahawks team? Only time will tell. After last nights win over the Titans, I still think they don’t need Terrell Owens…..

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  1. Seahawkfan99

    What the hell are you talking about? Did you watch the game? How many catches did WRs have when Flynn was in? Except for Edwards catch from Wilson, how many catches did the receivers have? All I can say is that it is very apparent your hate for Owens is the driving force behind this piece barely worthy of blog fodder.

    • LG

      Hey, I count 23 catches by the Seahawks, that isn’t that bad. Plus the fact the Seahawks beat a Titans team that isn’t to bad of a football team. 23 catches out of 29 attempts is a fairly decent day. Damn near 200 yards receiving. I don’t think this article was based on hate as much as it was based on facts….

    • Dak Lenyk

      Owens? He has failed at the last 4 stops in his career. Lazy routes, lazy hands, and has blamed the QB his entire career. If he makes any impact for the Hawks it will passing out waters and blankets on the charter flights home!

      • William

        Um obviously you’re still living in the past!! The last 4 stops for Owens he has not blamed the quarterback!! He didnt blame Carson Palmer! He didnt even blame the quarterbacks in Buffalo. Looks to me like you all are still living in the past!! Its a shame when you can hate just one player who messes up in the past but forgive the other! Life doesnt work like that guys & you know it!!

    • AMisEnemigos

      Speaking of T.O he is on Dr. Phil and it’s not good! 3 women which he has 3 kids with and they are calling him a deadbeat dad as well as cocky, arrogant, selfish and immature? 38 years old trying to come back into the NFL? He is complaining about paying child support because he claims the mom’s are getting the money and not the kids? Well, he should have kept it in his pants then, I mean hasn’t he ever heard of birth control or a rubber? Well, since he didn’t he shouldn’t complain! Will he be an unnecessary distraction or has he finally started to grow up at the tender age of 38? For Seattle’s sake I hope he is not a distraction?

  2. Anonymous

    23 catches was not that impressive when almost all of them were short dink and dunk passes and one long ball that can up short that B.E went up an got(good for him)

    • AMisEnemigos

      Compared to last year’s start and in many games this is something to say for Seattle! 23 receptions is a good start and I don’t care if they were dinks and dunks! Last year guys kept dropping passes, even dinks and dunks! TJack didn’t do jack for most of the season, the only bright spots was Lynch and our defense’s ability to stop the run! Also our kicker did a decent job! Hopefully this season with Flynn as well as some serious additions to our defensive line and a couple tight ends as well as receivers including TO we can win the NFC West and with some luck go deep into the playoffs and have some hope for an SB birth finally?

  3. tahj

    80% of the catches to RB not WR and the WR that did make catches well not make the team we still need T.O for the deep ball to open up other plays you didnt watch the game

    • LG

      I saw the game. I saw the Seahawks beat a decent team and I saw a lot of guys make catches. Just didn’t understand why the Seahawks think they need T.O. the guy can be a cancer in the Locker room….

      • tahj

        the last few years he’s been fine they need a guy like t.o im sure t.o well play next week rice wont even start the season form wat i hear

  4. Anonymous

    Is Chad Johnson Next?

  5. Droptop

    You can’t be a football fan lazy routes and lazy hands are you crazy you need to look at his numbers and numbers don’t lie


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