The Seattle Seahawks  looked good against the Tennessee Titans last night beating them 27-17 in Seattle’s first pre-season game. Terrell Owens didn’t play in the game and it looked like the Seahawks have no need for T.O. on their offesne.  The Seattle receivers teamed up for 195 yards against the Titans and the Seahawks added 135 rushing yards. The Seahawks looked pretty good against the Titans and it make me ask why would Pete Carroll take the chance of bringing in a cancer like Terrell Owens? The Seahawks don’t need a distraction in their locker room from a guy like T.O..

The Seahawks come into the 2012 season stacked with talent at wide receivers. In last nights pre-season game, the Seahawks used 15 different guys as receivers. They didn’t have T.O. out there and from what I see they don’t need T.O. out there. The Seahawks are coming into the 2012 season trying to improve on their 2011 season and their 7-9 finish. Can T.O. help them do that or will he just become a distraction to Pete Carroll and his Seattle Seahawks team? Only time will tell. After last nights win over the Titans, I still think they don’t need Terrell Owens…..

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