The Oakland Raiders beat the Dallas Cowboys in their first preseason game of the 2013 season. Quarterback Terrelle Pryor had a decent game against the Cowboys. Isn’t it time for the Raiders to take a chance and start the former troubled Ohio State quarterback?

Pryor went 6 for 10 for 88 yards in the game to lead all the Raiders QB’s in total yards. He showed he can play in the NFL. To waste his talents on the sidelines would be a mistake for the Raiders. Pryor would improve with more games under his belt.

There is a lot of talk of Matt Flynn being named the Raiders starter. Is this the best choice for the Raiders? Flynn had a couple of outstanding performances while he was in Green Bay but what has he done lately?

He had his chance to shine in the NFL and he never took it. He is on his 3rd team and he isn’t going to be consistent. The Raiders have always taken chances in the NFL. Giving the job of starting quarterback to Pryor isn’t that big of a risk.

The rewards would far outweigh the risks. Pryor is begging for a shot and if the Raiders give it to him, he would prove his point. It is time for the Raiders to take the chance.



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