The time has come for the Cincinnati Reds to part ways with the team’s manager Dusty Baker. I thought after her let his team blow it in the play-offs last season that the ownership of the Reds would make the move and get rid of Baker. Now, in his latest embarrassment to the sports,Baker refused to shake hands with Kirk Gibson over a dispute about using a D.H. in a spring training game.

What kind of message does this send out about Baker? The guy is supposed to gain the respect of his team and he pulls a stunt like this. It isn’t just a black eye to the Reds organization it reflects poorly on major league baseball as a whole. by the time you get to the big-leagues you should have learned sportsmanship. Baker is a guy that continually demonstrates he has not. Through the years Baker has shown he is a poor sport. Major League baseball is a gift. No one is owed the opportunity to play in MLB. guys like Baker should be setting a good example for the youngsters that look up to people in his position.

Instead, he puts on a display on how not to behave. Imagine being a coach in a little league organization, one of your players has a bad game and is sitting in the dug-out pouting and he doesn’t want to go out and shake hands with the other teams players after the game. You approach him and say, “Come on,it’s time to shake hands” and he says; “why should I dusty baker doesn’t do it.” What would you say.  That is the kind of example a guy in Dusty Bakers situation should not be setting. it is bad for the game.

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  1. Anonymous

    Fire a manager for not shakin hands? Your a big douche LG they should fire u for writing a bunch of bullshit

    • LG

      Come on man, what kind of example is that setting? Plus it isn’t only for the one incident either. he should have been fired for what happened last year in the play offs.

  2. Peter R. Eichele

    Hell, I was against hiring him in the first place. He had two good teams and NEVER once has he gone to a World Series as manager. He needs to take his toothpicks and burn them so he can attempt to manage the Cincinnati Reds to win the playoffs and World Series. He sucks!!

    • Anonymous

      where were the reds before he got here a doormat hes done a great job be thanful for what ya got i guess they could go out and bring jack mckeon back in look at there pitching staff compared to years past you guys are douche bags

      • LG

        You are right they do have some great Pitching

  3. RICK

    LG, sounds a little harsh to me. The Reds have turned things around since they hired Dusty so I think he should stay.

    • RICK

      Hi LG, I didn’t know that you covered the Reds too. This is my favorite baseball team so it’s kind of weird that it’s clev. in football and Cincy in baseball but I live in central Ohio LOL

      • LG

        Hey feel free to send in some articles on the Reds and I will be glad to publish them here for you. Details on the site ….

        • Anonymous

          LG, I see your over here stirring things up with Dusty Baker. LOL

          • LG

            Baker doesn’t need help stirring things up, I just report what Happens…

        • Dave

          Joe Morgan is the answer in cincinatti if you want to win the world series

  4. Anonymous

    i never wanted him to begin with..he’s an idiot and can’t manage any team


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