With a few weeks left in the season and a record of 3-10, Redskins head coach Mike Shanahan decides to sit RG3. The guy was just named NFC player of the week. Shanahan picks a fine time to show the world he is the head coach of the Washington Redskins.

Why didn’t he do this at the start of the season. He let Robert Griffin III call the shots and he wasn’t ready to come back and be the teams starting quarterback. Now, coach Shanahan decides to sit the guy for the rest of the 2013 season. RG3 has taken a beating most of the season.

Imagine coming back prematurely after tearing your ACL for the second time, putting it all on the line and being benched with only a few games left this season. What the hell kind of a message is Shanahan sending? The guy should have had the balls to make this move when the season started.

Everyone but Shanahan could see Griffin III, wasn’t ready to lead this team this season. After watching him play in 2012, you would think Shanahan would have seen the difference. The guy was wearing blinders and he ignore the signals being sent by RG3’s body.

You could see he was struggling behind center and he could move the same way he did last year. For the second consecutive season Shanahan has shown he can’t manage his personal correctly. This is the reason the Redskins front office should fire him as the team’s head coach.

He damn near got Griffin III killed last season and he didn’t have enough balls to tell him no this season. This isn’t the kind of leadership the Redskins need.

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