Have you visited the web site of Tiger Woods and looked at his schedule this season? There certainly isn’t much on there about him playing many tournaments in the United States this season. It show the 4 majors and that is really just about it. Does Tiger think he is above the normal tour stops? Was Pebble too tough on him last season? With his next appearance listed on his schedule at his site, it looks like the Masters in April is his next stop. Tiger has either left off a bunch of tour stops or who ever is in charge of his web site has done a very good job.

I thought it would be fun to see the Tiger who just won at Torrey Pines play Pebble Beach. There is a lot of good history there and with him being 2 tour wins ahead of the golden Bear, I thought he would want to keep piling on the wins. Tiger must be afraid to lay at Pebble. He doesn’t want to look bad. I find it hard to believe his next stop won’t come until the Masters. Come on Tiger, get your schedule up to date. Have a look at the Schedule of Tiger Woods by clicking here…..


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