Tony Romo has been the Dallas Cowboys quarterback for since his debut in 2004. Romo has the label of a guy that can’t win the big games. The Cowboys are looking for the ten-year NFL veteran to come out this season and have a great year. Romo needs to show the world he has what it takes to get the job done. The Cowboys have Tony Romo signed through the 2013 season after signing him to a seven-year deal in 2007. Last season Romo threw for 4,184 yards and had 31 touchdowns, he had a 102.5 rating. The Cowboys finished the season at a disappointing 8-8, not what Jerry Jones expected from Romo when the season began.

Romo only has gotten the Dallas Cowboys to the play-offs three times, not what you would expect from Americas team. Romo won only once in the play-offs when the Cowboys beat the Eagles in 2009 34-14 again not what you would expect from the Dallas Cowboys and Tony Romo. Some think Jerry Jones rushed into signing Tony Romo to a seven-year deal. Look at his performance in a Cowboys uniform, the guy can’t win the big games. He finds a way to look just good enough to make people think he can do it, but when the going gets tough Romo has yet to show he is the man.

The best season Romo had with the Cowboys was by and far 2007, the Cowboys went 13-3 only to lose to the New York Giants in the play-offs 21-17. Tony Romo hasn’t done the job Jerry Jones has paid him to do. As the leader of the Cowboys offense, Romo has to find a way to get his Cowboys some more wins. This is a pivotal season for Tony Romo. Jerry Jones is the kind of owner who goes out and gets people he thinks can help his Dallas Cowboys some wins. If Tony Romo can’t get it done this year, the Cowboys should replace him with a quarterback that can win.

Romo is 38-17 in his career as the Cowboys quarterback in the regular season. In the play-offs when it is all on the line, Romo is 1-3 in the post season and with a record like that, the Cowboys aren’t going to get to far or return  to a Super Bowl. Romo has to get the team moving this season. Romo is running out of time….

Hey tell us what you think of Tony Romo being the Cowboys quarterback. Leave your comments below……

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  1. Chris

    I am so sick and tired of hearing how Romo needs to carry this team. Last time I checked football was the ultimate team sport! Yes TEAM sport! In the playoff loss to the Giants Romo hit Crayton right in the hands, but thats Romo’s fault he dropped the pass! Wait how about the Lions game last year? Tony did throw what two pick six! That is what beat them right? Oh no thats right they where still up by 14 points! So once again we have a writer that should shut the hell up!

    • david wallace


    • ted

      this statement is so true, what do you expect Romo to do, make all the tackles, make all the catches himself this sports writer knows nothing about football.

      • LG

        Romo lost the game against the Giants by 4 points. If you look at a team that has a record of winning the Great Quarterbacks find a way to win. Romo hasn’t been able to do that. The article asked the question is this the Year Romo gets it done. As far as knowing football, I know enough to know Romo hasn’t accomplished his goal as of yet.If he doesn’t win this year, his time is running out. Father time waits for no-one, not even Tony Romo. Ten years in the league a 13-3 season and a loss in the play-offs. Romo may not be the field general you think he is. He has to be the team leader. He has to find a way to get his team those wins. Look at Eli Manning, he got the job done. Romo hasn’t!!!

        • Gull

          What about that Cardinals game last year. Did Tony lose that game also when he marched them down the field into field goal range and then missed the kick to win the game? Then did he lose it again in that game when the defense just gave up on that last touch down? Or how about that first game against the Jets. Did Tony throw a bad ball, possibly, but is it also possible that Dez Bryant was so out of condition that he wasn’t where he was suppose to be? In the Detroit game, the Boys were ahead and they were still throwing the ball,…..why? Maybe Jason Garrett was still thinking like a quarterback instead of a coach.

          • LG

            Gull, All great points you bring up. That is what this forum is for, great reply’s please be sure to check back often and thanks for reading and commenting to our articles….

        • Scott Wahlstrom

          Oh really? Great QB’s find a way to win? I guess geniuses like yourself would proclaim Dan Marino a not so great QB? How about Jim Kelly? Fran Tarkenton? Steve Grogan? Randall Cunningham? Ron Jaworski? etc. Seriously? How many great QB’s have never won the SB? The list is pretty amazing. Of course when all you do is cut and paste others opinions what would you know about the real NFL…

          • LG

            Hey I would like to know where you get this cut and paste crap from. Did you see where I said I would like to have you as a writer to cover the Cowboys?

    • Scott Wahlstrom

      I 100% agree! I am sick and tired of these so-called sports experts giving their opinion on something they obviously know nothing about. The true Cowboys fans could write volumes about how Romo has far exceeded his humble expectations as an undrafted player out of a small school. If anyone needs to go it’s Jerry Jones and his GM title. The OL has reeked ever since the 90’s. The defensive secondary has had more holes in it than a traffic sign in a small town. Where is the criticism for them? I know of at least 10 Nfl teams that would LOVE to have Romo as their starting QB this year. Quit blogging lazy “cut and paste” stories and learn more about your craft!

      • LG

        Scott, if you would like to write for USA Sports 360 we would be glad to have you. Just let me know and we will get you a user name and pass word. We would be more than happy to have you cover the Dallas Cowboys….Let Me Know Thanks

  2. zig

    i understand the perception but lets be realistic. the defense couldnt hold a lead, the o-line get Romo broken, battered and bruised, and the clown writing this article is bashing him? A 102.5 rating??? give Romo some help then start talking if he doesn’t produce…

  3. lui

    when your offensive line is built from scraps and you expected to preform like an elite unit, you are living a fantasy. The foundation for any playoff caliber offense starts with the o-line. Romo’s and the rest of the cowboys achilles heal has been the offensive line.

    • Scott Wahlstrom

      How would the “anointed one”, Eli Manning do with a patchwork OL and running for his life after every snap? Having at least one snap sail over his head or snapped back to him on the wrong count every game? 2 SB wins? I think not. He would be the brunt of every QB joke in the book.

  4. josh

    wow is all you can say the writer did what he is supposed to do get every one upset and made himself out to be an idiot in the process

  5. david wallace

    You cant win playoff games without outstanding defense

  6. J-rod

    I didn’t realize that romo had to play defense too.

    • LG

      Hey you got Rob Ryan as the D.C., why would you have problems on Defense?

      • Jerry Converse

        My question to you is this. If Eli Manning was Dallas’ QB last year, would he have gotten Dallas a SB victory???

  7. Jerry Converse

    First off LG, Romo became the starter in 2006, not 2004, his first FULL season was 2007, that means he’s been the QB for 5 full years. I don’t know where you get this crap about 10 years. Right there tells me you know nothing of what you’re talking about and that you are just spewing out garbage you’ve been hearing other writers and so called analyst talk about. Even IF these Romo bashers (yourself included) are correct, the story really is so old. You lack originality and therefore your source of information is worthless.

    • LG

      I thought I said Romo made his debut as a Dallas Q.B. in 2004… Also I am not trying to be a Romo basher, just stating at 10 years in the league, time is growing short for Romo.Who knows? He may be a guy who can play for 16 years or so, like a Peyton Manning. I hope Romo can have a good year. I think he has a great weapon in the backfield in one Lawrence Vickers this season that will help him out tremendously. Hey Jerry, thanks for reading and leaving a comment to our artilce. That is why we do this so people like you can voice your opinions. Thanks for taking time to do so….

    • LG

      This is Romo’s 10th year in the NFL. I never said he was the Dallas starter for 10 years Jerry…

  8. Emmitt Smith #22

    Hey the guy that wrote this article is right. It always comes down to the Quarterback getting it done. If Romo can be a great leader out on the field, then it becomes an infection the entire team catches. When the Q.B. is on a roll it lifts everyone….Trust me been there done that…

  9. Russell Dixon

    Romo is sooooooo overrated.

  10. Russell Dixon

    Rome will never get it done. He is sooo overrated.


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