The Kansas City Chiefs are the last undefeated team in the NFL this season. One big reason they stay undefeated has been their defensive play. If the Chiefs have a weakness defensively it is their corner-backs.

The Chiefs have been able to mask the problem with the best pass rush in the NFL. This week they face the Cleveland Browns who will be starting Jason Campbell.

Campbell has the ability to avoid the pass-rush with his mobility.  He can extend plays with his legs. The Chiefs corner-backs will be facing a couple of big wide receivers who are play-makers.

If the Chiefs corner-backs can’t cover Little and Gordon, they could be exposed. Sean Smith, and Brandon Flowers are going to have their hands full.

Then there is the other play maker the Browns have this season. The tight end Jordan Cameron, who has been one of the Browns best play makers when Cleveland started a quarterback other than Brandon Weeden.

The Chiefs could be exposed if the Browns offense can extend the plays with Campbell’s mobility. The defensive secondary of the Chiefs will need some help from their front seven.

They have been able to mask their problem in the defensive back-field thus far this season, but they will get tested this week.

The Browns starting quarterback has somethings to prove this week and it could come at the Kansas City Chiefs defensive secondaries expense.

Will the Chiefs get to 8-0? We’ll see.

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