By Larry GLicken

Lets face it, the Baltimore Ravens defense is in need of a youth movement, the aging Ravens defense will face a young fast RGIII Sunday in a game the Redskins could steal away from Baltimore if RGIII decides to light it up with his speed. The Ravens have to cover against the rush with RGIII, if he starts to scramble with the speed he brings to the field he will be able to burn the aging Ravens defense. Baltimore needs a guy or 2 that can hang in there and cover Griffin III if he starts taking off. The problem th Ravens have going into this game is age. The youth movement RGIII is bringing into this game will expose just how old the Ravens defense is.

Baltimore is 9-3 on the season and they are looking to win the AFC North. The team just lost their last game against the Steelers who sit just 2 games back in the divisional race. If the Ravens can’t stop RGIII and his Washington Redskins they will be in trouble. Baltimore hasn’t played their best football as of late and the Redskins defense has turned it up a bit lately. The Ravens offense will certainly face pressure when they square off against the Redskins. If Joe Flacco can’t keep his Ravens offense in the game and RGIII gets his chances the Ravens defense is going to be worn out. This kid brings another dimension to the game the Ravens haven’t seen this season. RGIII has the ability to tear it up offensively and the Ravens are in for a war this Sunday.

The only way I can see the Ravens being able to compete in this game is to keep Robert Griffin III off the field, that is easier said than done with this Redskins defense. This game is going to be interesting to say the least…..


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