Another NASCAR race and another mishap for female driver Danica Patrick who took out her boyfriend Ricky Stenhouse Jr. in a wreak she caused at the New Hampshire Motor Speedway. Patrick could slow the car down on a restart and she caused a multi-car crash that took out Stenhouse Jr. for more than 25 laps.

You may recall some months back Stenhouse Jr, caused a crash that gathered up Danica and she was pissed, so pissed she wouldn’t talk to Stenhouse Jr. at all on the drive home. Meanwhile when Patrick crashes Stenhouse Jr. he acted like a race car driver after the race and said, wrecks happen it is part of racing.

Patrick should take a lesson from he boy friend, she should learn how to control that hot temper of hers and then maybe she will learn how to drive a race car. Patrick should be able to slow down the car by now without getting it sideways and collecting other drivers.

She caused the wreck and Stenhouse Jr. was pretty forgiving about it. I guess we know who wears the pants in that relationship. It is sorta like a double standard. If Stenhouse would have wreaked Patrick in New Hampshire, we wouldn’t have seen Patrick being so nice about it.

The rookie Patrick still has some growing up to do, both as a person and a race car driver.


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  1. Spyder95

    “Wreak”? Maybe “wreck” would be better.

    • LG

      You’re right.


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