This Sunday the Seahawks starting quarterback returns to a state that knows how much talent this guy has. When Russell Wilson and his Seattle Seahawks pay a visit to Charlotte to take on the Panthers, the state of North Carolina just might be rooting for Wilson.

He spent a lot of time there in his college days and they know what a great athletic talent he is. The Seahawks should be able to destroy the Panthers. Seattle looks like a powerhouse coming into the 2013 season and Wilson is leading the way this season.

There is little hope of Carolina being able to stop this Seahawks offensive attack. Wilson and company may  have the game won by the half. If Seattle’s defense can control Cam Newton, which I think they can, the Seahawks should have a blow out in week one.

This is short of like a homecoming for Wilson. He spent time at North Carolina State University before transferring to Wisconsin. In 2008, he played both football and baseball there and could have had a professional career in either sport. The Seahawks are fortunate that he picked football.

At only 24-years-old Wilson plays like a seasoned veteran. He has the calm that some playing the game for years are still missing. If he opens the season the way he is capable of playing, he is going to be unstoppable this season. And so are the Seahawks………

I think this team is Super Bowl Bound this season.  If you are a fan of the Seahawks and Russell Wilson, tell us what your expectations are this season. Please leave your comments below…..

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  1. Scott Wharton

    I think they play Atlanta for the NFC championship game in Atlanta and loose that game and then next year will the whole thing

    • Mark

      Interesting that you have so much faith in the Falcons who had a terrible preseason. The Seahawks went 4 – 0 and the Falcons went 0 – 4. Hmmmm. Yes, preseason is rarely an indication of the regular season but if you are like most people who overlooked the Seahawks 2012 preseason and we kicked butt in the regular season, I think we deserve a lot more credit than saying already “Wait until next year!” THIS IS OUR YEAR!!!! GO HAWKS!!!!!!

  2. Larrry Richards

    Seattle will win it all this year with starting for the NFC championship beat the 49ers and take on the Broncos. Seattle will stop Payton Manning in his traks and will win in New York! Go Hawks!

  3. Mitch Perrine

    I think we have a great chance, it will be no easy road for us, but I think we can eek out winning the West, get homefield advantage, and go from there…

  4. Anonymous

    I believe the Seahawks have the opportunity to be in and win the Super Bowl, but I am taking it one game at a time. Go Hawks

  5. Michael

    My desire is the same as it was in 1976 when my father took me to the very first Seahawks regular season game–win it all! I think this team is as talented as any we’ve ever had. Let’s just hope we get better refs in the Super Bowl.

  6. Rich

    The “Go Hawks” Company can literally be unstoppable if they remain injure free.


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