LeBron James has come out recently stating that he wants to be the best ever in the NBA. To do that James has to find a way to add more NBA Championship rings to his fingers. The Heat got ring number one last season and it took everything LeBron had to get it done in the play offs. This season teams will be gunning for James and his Miami Heat team. The Oklahoma Thunder played great last season. They are a very young team and they have enough talent to find a way to get in the Heats way of repeating as world champions.

The Miami Heat made a couple of off-season move that could prove to be a benefit the Heat needs to take it all the way to the finals for the second year in a row. The Miami Heat should be able to get back to the finals if the team can stay healthy. The Heat has to play smart basketball this season and LeBron James has to be able to play some better defense  than we see from him. If James wants to go down in history as being the best ever it is going to take a few more Championships on his part.

The stage is now set for the 2012-13 NBA season and it is up to LeBron James and his stacked Miami Heat team to go out there and take it.


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