Is the NFL playing favorites? Why haven’t they said anything about the late hit that Clay Matthews put on Colin Kaepernick when he was clearly out-of-bounds?  Not only was it a late hit it looked like a clothesline to the neck too.

Is Matthews the NFL’s chosen one? Is he allowed to do whatever he wants to and get away with it? By his own comments before the Packers played the 49ers, he said he would hit Kaepernick as often as he could.

The thing is, he should have limited those hits to in the field of play. Now some are asking if Matthews is a dirty player. Everyone can see what he did except for the NFL. They should have stepped in a fine Matthews for his tactics in the game.

It was clear that he was trying to knock Kaepernick out of the game if he could. The hit really pissed off head coach Jim Harbaugh and he didn’t take it lightly.

Make no mistake about it, there is plenty of bad blood between the Green Bay Packers and the San Fransisco 49ers. Harbaugh won’t forget the way Matthews played the game Sunday, he is saying that Matthews is a dirty player.

He should have never left his feet to make the hit on the QB when he could see he was head out-of-bounds. Yet he gets no fine or no warning from the NFL. Why Not?


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