Is the NFL playing favorites? Why haven’t they said anything about the late hit that Clay Matthews put on Colin Kaepernick when he was clearly out-of-bounds?  Not only was it a late hit it looked like a clothesline to the neck too.

Is Matthews the NFL’s chosen one? Is he allowed to do whatever he wants to and get away with it? By his own comments before the Packers played the 49ers, he said he would hit Kaepernick as often as he could.

The thing is, he should have limited those hits to in the field of play. Now some are asking if Matthews is a dirty player. Everyone can see what he did except for the NFL. They should have stepped in a fine Matthews for his tactics in the game.

It was clear that he was trying to knock Kaepernick out of the game if he could. The hit really pissed off head coach Jim Harbaugh and he didn’t take it lightly.

Make no mistake about it, there is plenty of bad blood between the Green Bay Packers and the San Fransisco 49ers. Harbaugh won’t forget the way Matthews played the game Sunday, he is saying that Matthews is a dirty player.

He should have never left his feet to make the hit on the QB when he could see he was head out-of-bounds. Yet he gets no fine or no warning from the NFL. Why Not?


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  1. mike

    Look at the picture ..Late hit.. yes but no clothes line tackle or hit to the head.. the penalty was for a late hit and that’s it..

    • Lou

      I noticed the very same thing! Kinda ironic since LG doesn’t say much nice about the Pack. 😉

    • Lou

      I noticed that also! Kinda ironic since LG didn’t say one positive thing and I’ve read a couple do his/her’s opinions. :)

  2. Scott Kissinger

    I am not going to try to explain what the Commissioner or the Refs do… they screw up calls all of the time… and this is their JOB!!!!!!
    Having said that, it was not a smart play. I was listening to the radio and have not seen the full play, but at game speed Matthews may not have had his bearings as to the sideline… and if he committed too early by going airborn, then Kapnik could have stopped, Matthews goes flying past him, and he gets more yards… and Matthews would have looked silly. Even so, if that tackle is made in the open field, it is not a “clothesline” play, warranting a penalty. After all, I think this is still football. Harbaugh is the consummate forty-whiner… always has been… and I think he has thrown his share of punches in his day (perhaps in Indy)… but he was not dirty at all… “pot, see kettle.”

  3. Ahman Green

    It is really simple Clay is not a dirty player like Suh is and this is the first time he has ever done this and apologized for getting caught up in the moment. Get a life and move on and quit making something out of something that other players in teams that do it every game and nothing is ever done about it or said about it. Why do the NIners always get away with facemask when they play us and they never get called on it. Look in the mirror due. GO PACK GO

    • ec

      oh yeah….cheeseheads would be in an uproar if same thning happened to rodgers.

  4. Anonymous


  5. t boz

    Was it dirty ? No. Was it a “late” hit? Yes. By no means does one penalty make a player a dirty player. And whomever wrote this article (LG ?) needs to go back and recheck the spelling and grammar. If we’re going to question someone elses work – I suppose it works both ways !! I’m not a writer by any means, but this article is laughable.

  6. David J Kane

    Maybe the refs felt bad for causing the Packers to lose the game! (Again)

    • Anonymous

      Considering how much the 49ers dominated and how close this game was, all game, the Packers are the better team, but with mistakes and the 49ers without mistakes.

  7. JoJo

    The difference? Suh has a history of behaving like an animal, Matthews does not. They both play with great intensity and play to win. Look, Clay used some bad judgement in that he should have had a better field awareness in terms of where he was. No doubt. What’s wrong with him stating that he’s going to hit the QB? That is what he is paid to do and he does it well. This is football, not a tea party.

  8. Bruno

    The Buc’s David got fined for pushing Geno Smith out of bounds in their game against the Jets. It was no where near as bad as the Matthews hit on this play. The NFL needs to be consistent, It is apparent they are playing favorites. Matthews is a dirty player and over time will be exposed as such.

  9. Peter

    LG is probably Bears fan?! Go Packs!

  10. Anonymous

    Clay is not a dirty player, Suh is. We could debate this all day. The NFL refs miss lots of calls in every game. It’s somewhat the luck of the draw. Also, not to mention the MJ rule: If you are the man/team and playing good, you’ll get the breaks (no facemask call on the 49ers in the game), if you not playing good the calls will come against you (several holding calls in 49ers game against Packers). This can be seen time and time again if you watch enough sports. MJ would get the benefit of his foot being on the 3 point line and still getting the 3 points…he worked for it nad got the breaks when maybe not deserving it. Clay has played great and not been dirty so he gets the, Suh…great player but dirty, so no breaks.

  11. snowpack

    If they fine Matthews ….they should also fine Harbaugh…… for being himself. Not looking forward to seeing his yapping and whining for the next four months.

    • Anonymous

      Let it go, it wasn’t a “fine/type play” Clay is an awesome player, get over it and move on.

      • Lou

        Yup…let’s move on.

  12. Coopmaster

    Find the facts first Clay was fined and so was Suh the greater crime and the bad rep made Suh fine greater and he deserves it. like it was said Move on Green Bay fans aren’t crying over how the refs screw them ever trip to the coast nor do they cry over how the refs blew 2 calls for them the last 2 games move on

  13. BinKee

    Another HUHA report that didn’t wait for the proper amount of time. (Head Up His A$$) In the future wait until the story becomes the truth


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