The United States Justice system  isn’t supposed to subject people to cruel and unusual punishment. In the case of Aaron Hernandez, the New England Patriots former tight end, isn’t that what they are doing by not letting him watch the AFC Championship game?

Hernandez hasn’t been convicted of a crime yet. The sheriff in charge of the facility where Hernandez is being held, says it is for his own protection not to let Hernandez to watch the game.

This is the biggest game of the season for New England. They give people receiving the death penalty more respect than they are giving Hernandez.

The Sheriff could have made arrangements to bring in another television so Hernandez could watch his former team play today. The lawyers working for the fallen star should have filled a complaint about their client being subjected to cruel and unusual punishment.

What are they waiting for? The game is today and it doesn’t look as though Hernandez is going to be able to watch it.

I am convinced the handling of Hernandez deserves some special attention, to protect him while he is in jail. But to take away his rights to watch TV is something you don’t normally hear of.

Hernandez may want to consider getting better lawyers. His legal team should have field the paper work showing their client being subjected to cruel and unusual punishment.

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