The Bengals have just 2 games left, and both games are against their AFC North Rivals. Lets not get to far ahead of ourselves, the first thing Dalton needs is a win over the Pittsburgh Steelers Sunday. The Bengals could get that if they can stay focus on offense and Dalton doesn’t create his own turnovers by making bad choices. The Bengals had a tough time in the Eagles game with Dalton mistakes, he was able to pull it together and the team came away with a convincing win over Philadelphia.

In order for the Cincinnati Bengals to capture the AFC North they are going to need some help. If the Giants can take down the Ravens and the Bengals beat the Steelers it would be a start. The last time Cincinnati played Pittsburgh the Steelers beat them 24-17. Some would say that was a different Pittsburgh team. Since then the Steelers saw Roethlisberger knocked out  for a few weeks, a back up Q.B. who couldn’t do much and a loss to the Cleveland Browns who really suck again this season. The Bengals went on a run winning 4 games in a row after they lost 4 in a row.

The Cincinnati Bengals have to take care of the Steelers Sunday, if they can do that and the Ravens fall to the Giants I like the Bengals chances of beating Baltimore in week 17 and taking the AFC North crown. If they lose to the Steelers Sunday and beat the Baltimore Ravens in week 17 after a Ravens loss to the Giants and they come out tied then the division would go to the Ravens for having a better record in the division. This could come down to the wire if the Bengals beat the Steelers on Sunday.



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