By now you have had to hear about the Dallas Cowboys taking away the play calling duties from Jason Garrett. Is that the real problem with Tony Romo? What about Romo’s poor choices when he throws interceptions? Romo couldn’t have pick a worse time to throw them. He threw 19 interceptions and a few of those cost the Cowboys a chance to win. With a few more wins the Cowboys would have advanced to the Play-offs. I am not saying they would have advanced to the Super Bowl. We all know Romo can’t win the big game.

The Cowboys need to find a guy who can get it done when he has to. Romo doesn’t look like that guy. When the pressure comes Romo’s way he folds. He makes bad choices and he throws the ball into trouble. In one game he threw an interception on a screen pass. Romo just doesn’t use his head. The Cowboys have to consider if Romo is still their guy to lead this team. At the present time, he sure looks like he is falling short. Romo has been in the NFL for 10 season and unlike a fine wine, he is not getting any better with age.

The Cowboys really need to take a serious look at replacing Tony Romo if they want to win consistently.


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