Time keeps passing us by since PGA Tour professional Vijay Singh openly admitted to using Deer Antler Spray even though it is on the tours list of banned substances. Reports say that Commissionaire Finchem and Singh met privately during the event at Pebble Beach. Still, there is no news of any action being taken against Singh and the golfer is still allowed to enter tournaments. Is Finchem playing favorites here? What would he do with a lesser named player if they came out and admitted to breaking the rules?

It is easy to like Singh, he seems like a nice guy and he doesn’t seem like the type that would purposely break the rules in golf. There were acquisitions earlier in Singh’s career that he allegedly altered a score card to avoid missing the cut in Indonesia. The claim was taken so seriously that Singh was banned from competing on the Asian tour even though he adamantly denied those allegations.

It is clear with Singh coming forward and admitting to using the spray, hie intent wasn’t to cheat. If he would have just keep his mouth shut he could have gotten away with using the spray unless he was to be tested. Nonetheless the tour has to take some action against the golfer to set a precedent. If they take no action against Singh, what message is this sending to all the other players? Every other professional sport would have done something by now. What is Tim Finchem waiting for? By allowing Singh to keep entering tour events, it is sending the wrong message.


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