Peyton Manning played in 3 preseason games for the Broncos, now we are left to wonder just how good Manning can be as the Broncos quarterback. Manning has not played in a NFL regular season game in a long time. When the speed of the game picks up in the regular season will Manning be able to keep up with the competition?  Manning threw for 343 yards in the 3 preseason games he played in.  Many times in his career Manning has thrown for more yards in one game.

John Elway and his Broncos went out on a limb and signed Manning to a MEGA-Millions deal with hopes Manning could return to the same caliber quarterback he was when he was named the NFL’s MVP 4 times. The Broncos have placed a large bet on Manning being able to do so. Manning’s arm looked god in the games he played in. He was able to lead the Broncos down the field and in his last preseason game against the 49ers he did have his best showing with a 122 yards passing and left the game with a 148.6 rating.

This season is certainly going to interesting for the Broncos as Peyton Manning tries to get his Denver Broncos into the play-offs and then the Super Bowl. Does Manning still have what it takes to get the job done? We will get a good look at him in just a week…..

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