Peyton Manning is working in Denver now. Manning the Colt for years has quickly been building a rapport with two Bronco receivers that could end up making a huge impact in the NFL with Manning at the helm. Both of these guys faded a little because of foot injuries a shortened off-season due to the NFL lock-out last season and the fact Tim Tebow took over the quarterback position in Denver. Now with Peyton Manning running the Broncos offense, these guys could quickly become a couple of Manning’s favorite targets.

Demaryius Thomas and  Eric Decker could have break out years if Manning can get them the football this season and the two of them and Peyton Manning stay healthy this season. Decker went down with a knee injury in the Broncos first play off game last season (Wild Card Sttelers) and it should be interesting to see if he can come back this season and be healthy. Decker’s knee injury quickly healed after the Bronco’s season ended.

Many of you may remember Demaryius Thomas, he is the guy that caught the first pass in the Bronco’s overtime win over the Steelers that went for a 80 yard touchdown. Thomas has had his fair share of problems since turning pro he has been dogged by a broken foot, sprained ankle, concussion, torn Achilles and broken thumb since turning pro. He has to prove him-self as a durable NFL player this season.

Turning on the game this year and seeing Peyton Manning is going to be considered strange by many. If Manning can count on these two guys to catch the football and the three of them stay healthy in the Mile High City, the Broncos could be in for one heck of a season.



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  1. winston

    The title of the article and the content of the article has nothing in commom. I would have expected to read how the rest of the team is accepting and relating to Peyton, not the case in this stupid written article.

    • LG

      Hey man, the article does match the title. It is a play on words. Get it Manning is working with the Bronco Receivers Hence is Manning being received. Sorry the article didn’t live up to yuor expectations. I will continue to improve with time. Thanks for taking the time to leave a reply, much appreciated.


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