The Carolina Panthers were blown out by the New York Giants and Panthers Pro-Bowl receiver was less than thrilled with his quarterback Cam Newton behavior both during the game and afterwards when Newton took to the podium. Is Smith coming out and making comments about Newton’s behavior productive to the team? Newton clearly was not happy with his performance in the game, he is a very competitive guy. The Panthers need him to be a franchise quarterback and Smith could be causing separation in the team atmosphere.

Newton is still young, at 23 years old he doesn’t know how to handle losing like he did in the Giants game. For Smith to come out in public and make statements about Newton’s actions he could be making a mistake. No one likes to be singled out in a loss like the one the Panthers suffered the other night. Sure Newton was sitting on the bench with a towel over his head. The point here is football is a team game and the entire Panthers game played like crap in this game.

The Giants defense was overwhelming to the Panthers at times, if the rest of the team took it as personal as Newton did, then they could turn this thing around sooner than later. Cam Newton doesn’t need his teammates to come out and make statements that could destroy the team camaraderie. Cam Newton needs proven players to stand by him in the good as well as the bad situations. Sure Newton needs to mature at times, that maturity could come much quicker if guys like Steve Smith would take Newton under his wing and consult him in private. To publicly criticize Newton is not going to produce the positives Smith is hoping for.

What are your thought to the way Smith handled this situation? Be sure to leave your comments below….

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  1. Leon Brooker

    First of All i am not a big fan of Steve smith. But i 100% agree with what hec said and the way he did it. Cam is a great player but he s probably not handling all the attention very well. This is the Carolina Panthers not the Carolina Newtons. The whole team feels bad but that is no reason to give up. Blaming people is not the answer. You don’t see Tom brady, Peyton Mannining, eli Manning, Dree Brees, etc…., putting towels over their heads because the team is not havin a good day. They are consistently tryng to motivate the team and demand that they step up and be competitive to give themselves a chance. Its a team sport….. Maybe less press and more film and studying wold benefit Cam newton and the Carolina Panthers….

    • Anonymous

      That was a b move on Steve smith part you don’t air your starting quarterback or anyone else for that matter. As a former d lineman I know the difference in positions and roles Smith is a receiver all he has to do is run up the field and catch the ball Newton has to manage an entire offense and hopefully one day soon an entire locker room. Newton has done outstanding at the first one and will have to continue to grow at the latter but you handle and develop that internally quarterback is CEO on the field and a lot of head games go into to it so naturally a lot more pensive when things aren’t clicking right. Keep more mouth shut in front of the cameras and microphones and run your routes and catch the d ball. Give your Dr Phil in the locker room or invite the man out to dinner to talk about – play your part…


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