By Larry GLicken

When the defense team brought in a psychiatrist at the trial of Oscar Pistorius,  to testify as to his mental state, they couldn’t have expected, Judge Thokozile Masipa to order their client to be studied at a state ran mental institution. The judge did exactly that. The only problem I see, is Pistorius is allowed to come and go each day.

The judge ordered Pistorius, to arrive by 9:00a.m. each morning. for up to a month, to study him mentally. He should have ordered his confinement to the hospital. This way, they could tell, if Pistorius was acting or not. After all, it was in the middle of the night when he climbed out of bed and shot and killed Reeva Steenkamp.

Why should Pistorius be allowed to come and go each day? What if his mind works differently when he awakes? How is the facility going to be able to keep track of that?

The psychiatrist the Pistorius defense team brought in, goes by the name of Dr. Merryll Vorster. He was brought in to testify that Pistorius could be suffering from an generalized anxiety disorder. The good doctor said he came to this conclusion after interviewing him on two occasions.

I’ll bet the defense team paid generously for this evaluation. Now, the state hospital has to determine the true mental state of Oscar Pistorius. I certainly hope they take into consideration, the acting classes Pistorius was accused of taking before the start of his trial.


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