Ohio State Buckeyes coach Urban Meyer looks as though he is out to prove a point this season. He is handing out suspensions like they are free tickets to the movies. Urban Meyer seems to have taken on a zero tolerance attitude.

Meyer doesn’t want to hear excuses from anyone. These are college kids he is coaching and he isn’t cutting them any slack this season. Even when he finds out his players didn’t cause the problems that they are being charged with, Meyer comes back to the podium and says, they shouldn’t have been there in the first place.

When Meyer dropped the hammer on Bradley Roby and running back Rod Smith, some thought he carried things a little too far. Meyer took a lot of flack for the way he dealt with Aaron Hernandez when he was in Florida.

It was like people were placing the blame for the way Hernandez turned out on Urban Meyer. Now Meyer isn’t able to distinguish between a Hernandez type of personality and  some college kids who just had some fun one night and got into a skirmish.

The way that Meyer has suspended 3 of his starters it is like he is trying to make up for something in his past. The way Hernandez turned out isn’t because of the way Meyer handled him in Florida.

Meyer didn’t raise this guy. No with Meyer not being able to tell the difference his could be sending the wrong message. Meyer needs to step back and take a look at how he is handling these situations.

He is going from one extreme to the other. He has to be able to realize he is dealing with College kids and things are going to happen. He better calm himself down a little or the kids he is coaching are going to lose respect for him.

Once that happens he will lose his team.



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