Nick Saban and his Alabama Crimson Tide just won their 3rd BCS title in the last four years. What does Sabin have left to prove at the College level? The Tide didn’t even have much competition from The Fighting Irish. Notre Dame looked out matched in the game and Saban and his Tide came in and rolled over the Irish last night. The game was out of hand by the end of the first quarter, by half time it was clearly over. The Tide put 28 UN-answered points on the score board in the first half and Saban showed the kind of domination many thought the Tide would produce.

No that the game is over, NFL teams will have a chance to talk to Saban about a possible jump into the NFL. The question now becomes whether Nick Saban will listen. At the top of the list of teams that are interested in Nick Saban are the Cleveland Browns. Rumors have come out of Cleveland for weeks about the Browns new owner Jimmy Haslam III wanting to bring Saban back into the NFL. Saban was in Cleveland when the NFL season was about to get under way for the 2012 season, he appeared at the Cleveland Browns stadium.

For the Browns, they are hoping Saban will become a fixture on the sidelines in Cleveland. The team would like nothing better than to lure Nick Saban away from Alabama and to get him into Browns colors. Haslam has been rumored to pay Saban 100 million dollars to make the leap back into the NFL. That is a bunch of cash and some feel Saban could listen to an offer like that. Will Nick Saban come back to coach in the NFL? Who Knows? It is going to get interesting to see what takes place in the next couple of days in and around the Cleveland Browns facility in Berea, Ohio. The Saban watch has officially been launched.

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