If you’re a Pittsburgh Steelers fan you have to be wondering if Mr. Rooney is being too cheap to give his team at shot at competing this season. The coaching staff didn’t want to cut Dwyer, it came down to economics.

Rooney and his Steelers don’t like paying players. They have had a long history of getting rid of players that they think are making too much money. We saw it with the Mike Wallace holdout and we might be seeing again as the underlying cause of why the team released Dwyer.

Rooney has to see his team is aging and he has to see they need to spend money on key positions to make the team competitive. He has been involved with this team hi entire life and he has to come to terms with the salaries these modern day players make.

If Rooney wants his team to dominate like they have for decades, he had better crack open his wallet. If he refuses to do so, the Steelers could fall to the bottom of the AFC North and it could take years for them to get back to the force they once were.

Rooney needs to come to terms with what the NFL salaries are. Paying Dwyer 1.323 million isn’t that much money in the NFL today. The Steelers are going to be in serious trouble if Rooney can’t come to terms with paying the going rate for players.



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