Here we go again. This time is is Mr. Football, Johnny Manziel who is letting people down. Manziel allegedly took money for signing autographs for a sports memorabilia dealer.  Reports say Manziel could have been paid 5 figures for signing the items.

Manziel could be another name of high-profile star athletes that let the public down. He should have known better than to think he could pocket large sums of cash and not get caught. People are standing in line to take these high-profile players down.

When are guys like Manziel going to learn. You have to think the coaches and colleges are informing these guys what they can and cannot do. Some think the schools should be paying these players, but the NCAA doesn’t see i that way.

Guys like Manziel become millionaires as soon as they are drafted into the NFL. If these allegations are true, he could have just thrown away his chance to further show case his talents in College football.

You have to wonder what these players are thinking. Each year they see the NCAA investigating something. The news is throughout the media and they have to be aware of it. How can guys like Manziel think they can get away with NCAA violations?

If someone knows they did something wrong it is going to surface. Manziel could have just thrown away some of his future. Of course that is if these allegations are true.


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