There seems to be a major difference in opinion coming out of the Redskins camp. Robert Griffin II wants to play some football and he wants to get back on the field. Meanwhile head coach Mike Shanahan doesn’t think RGIII is ready to begin full football duties yet.

Who knows best RGIII or Mike Shanahan? That is a difficult question to answer. Shanahan is going to be extremely cautious this season with RGIII after what happen to his star quarterback last season.  Shanahan took a lot of criticism for letting RGIII play as long as he did last season.

Some went as far as to blame the head coach for RGIII’s knee injury. They say he know his quarterback was injured but he played him anyway. Many times the player thinks he is ready to get back into the game. RGIII is the kind of player who thinks he can do anything.

He was counseled by  A.P. this off-season and we all saw what A.P. did last season returning from a major knee injury. WHo can blame Shanahan for not wanting a repeat of what took place last season. Griffin is still young and he can heal  quick, but he may not be as ready to return to full football activities just yet.

This is one time when he should listen to his head coach. Give it some more time. Let the knee get up to speed for a couple of more weeks. There will be plenty of time for Griffin to help the Redskins win football games. He has to stay healthy to do it and Shanahan is going to be sure of that.

RGIII needs to stay calm and when he is ready, his coach will play him.



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