Michael Vick still isn’t feeling the love and respect of his younger Eagles teammates. Vick is still upset that when he was breaking up the fight between Riley Cooper and Cary Williams, the younger players on the Eagles didn’t show the respect that Vick feels he deserves.

Vick fails to realize that young people today, respect very little. He shouldn’t feel like he is being singled out. It isn’t just him, it is the way things go today. If Vick wants to have the respect of the Eagles younger players he is going to have to demand it by his play on the field.

He can’t let the young guys know this stuff is bothering him, he has to grow thick skin and just play winning football.  He has to realize things in this country are not like the old days. Young people today aren’t taught the proper respect, they think things are owed to them.

Vick needs to take the high road and take his Eagles onto the field and be a leader. He can’t let this lack of respect he thinks he is missing affect the way he leads in the field. If Vick is letting this bother him once the game starts, the Eagles are in for a long game and a long season.

On the other hand if Vick can get over his concerns he could earn the respect of the younger players by showing them he is a leader both on the field as well as off the field. He has to get over it before game time.

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