The Eagles are wondering if their starting quarterback has landed. Michael Vick reported to camp gaining weight that he says is all muscle. It is clear that Vick has worked hard this off-season to come into camp in the best shape of his playing career.

The question now becomes whether or not all Vick’s hard work is going to be enough to prove to Eagles new head coach Chip Kelly that he is ready to lead this Eagles team with their new Kelly offense. There has been plenty of pressure put on Kelly this off-season to name a starter.

Kelly did the right thing in not doing that and he has showed a great deal of patience in waiting to see what happens in camp. With all the hard work and the experience that Vick brings into camp, he has to be considered the favorite.

If Vick keeps his focus in camp and in the preseason, I would expect Kelly to name him as the team’s starting quarterback. Vick can do it all. He runs well and he throws well. One thing he has to avoid is making costly mistakes by turning the ball over.

If Vick can do that, the Eagles will be able to turn things around in Philadelphia and that is a good thing for both Vick and Kelly. We should find out soon if the Eagle has landed.

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