Tiger Woods is putting lights out. Do you think Lindsey Vonn is getting enjoyment out of her mans new-found stroke? Ever since Woods had some pointers from PGA Tour professional Steve Striker, Woods has been putting better.

He seems to be at peace in his life after all the years he went without a serious relationship. The man who has won 14 majors could be on his way to number 15 the way he is playing these days. He shot a 66 today and Vonn was nowhere to be seen in the gallery.

You have to wonder if she has noticed Woods stroke. Maybe they review it when he gets home. He is putting better than he has in years. Maybe Stricker  is going to be sorry he helped his friend. Woods is once again the leader at Bay Hill.

He has won their 7 times before. He has a great chance going into the final round with a 2 stroke lead to pick up number 8, 9 if you could count his amateur win there.  Vonn has to be proud of her man. She has to acknowledge his new-found stroke sooner or later.

If Woods does hold on to win tomorrow, he will find himself once again at the top of the world rankings. He will have his new-found stroke to thank for that and he will have Lindsey Vonn to share it with…..


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