The Lakers are now 17-23 on the season after their last loss to the Raptors. Kobe was already asking for more help from his teammates before the game even took place. Bryant scored 26 points in the game. The Lakers are having a terrible season this year. The Lakers can’t seem to find the right combination to secure wins. Kobe may just be pointing fingers at the others for all the Lakers problems. The team just can’t get it right and they are making terrible decisions that are adding to the Lakers losses.  The first bad choice could have been the firing of head coach Mike Browns. Bryant had issues with Brown’s coaching style and the Lakers eliminated Brown. The Lakers continued to struggle. The head coach they hired Mike D’Antoni hasn’t been able to make any difference to the team.

As a matter of fact it is D’Antoni himself that is reporting the team has lost its spirit. What is he doing? Why hasn’t D’Antoni been able to help the team contain its spirit? If D’Antoni was a great head coach he would have found a way to turn things around by now. The Lakers needed a bigger personality to take the head coaching spot when they fired Mike Brown. Why they went with D’Antoni is anyone’s guess. One thing that is certain is D’Antoni hasn’t helped the Lakers turn things around.

The Los Angeles Lakers are going to have one of their worse season in modern times. Kobe himself has to find a way to get his team fired up instead of saying he needs help from his teammates. It isn’t like the rest of the Lakers players are standing still out on the floor and watching Kobe  do all the work. Kobe could be bringing his team down. He shouldn’t have made comments in public saying the guys need to help me out.

What ever the problem in L.A. is the Lakers and Kobe better figure it out and get it fixed and soon. Otherwise the team could end up on the outside looking in come the post season. Find a way to inspire your teammates Kobe.


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  1. sportsbaron1

    Putting aside his breath-taking offensive skill for a moment, one of the many reasons I can’t stand Kobe Bean Bryant is because WITH HIM, whenever the Lakers win it’s “ME”, but whenever his Lakers lose, it’s “THEY”. I live in the LA area and have been watching his act ever since he he was 17. His teammates matter to him only insofar as they’re effective means to an end. Kobe REGULARLY gets lost and beaten on defense leading to countless transition baskets by the opposing team. But the only player who can be heard criticizing teammates in the press for their shortcomings is, (you guessed it) KBB.

    But–as with all bullies–Kobe dislikes the taste of his own medicine. Earlier this season when Kobe started to berate Dwight Howard for missing a defensive assignment, Dwight got right back in his face and LOUDLY pointed out how Kobe’s lapse on the preceding rotation led directly to the breakdown in the first place. Teammates were shocked (and agreeably surprised) that somebody in a Laker uni finally grew a set of onions and did to Kobe publicly what he’s done REGULARLY to them in the press and on television FOR YEARS. Kobe hasn’t been a good defender (or teammate) for several seasons–not that anyone would expect him at age 34 to be the shut-down defender that he was five or six years ago when his First-Team All-Defense selections made more sense. But as a good teammate if you KNOW that you’re screwing up in ANY area, it’s only common decency–if not common sense–that the pot should refrain from calling the kettle black, n’est-ce pas???.
    To complete the farce, though, (with the notable exception of Mr. T.J Simers), pretty much EVERYONE in the local media pool here in LA bends over and kisses Kobe’s rear end. So he feels enabled and the crass, insensitive accusatory behaviors continue ad nauseum…and will probably continue to for as long as Kobe wears a Laker uniform…


    Santa Monica


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