It’s hard to think about the New York Yankees saying goodbye to the great player Derek Jeter, but the time has come to part ways with the soon to be 39-year-old player. Jeter can’t even run the bases at full speed yet, he can’t take part in spring training the way a ball player should and he is just taking up a spot on the Yankees roster they could use for another player. Jeter is soon to be history in New York. His ankle and legs have started to fail and if by some miracle, Jeter thinks he is ready to play come opening day in Cleveland and the Yankees fall for it and let him start the game, he will spend more time on the bench with injuries this season that the fans will think he is the Yankees new bench coach.

One thing we always thought about Jeter was, when it was time to leave the game he would just do it. It seems that he is slow at making the right call. He may need some help and that help should have come from the Yankees front office. Someone should have reminded Jeter that it is time to get out of the game. He is over the hill and he may need a push to make him realize that his is no longer in his prime. Yes, even the great Derek Jeter can’t slow down the clock of father time. It has caught him and it is wrapping the arms of age around the once great Yankees player. Give him a push and get him off the Yankees roster. Him being there is only a waste of a spot.

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