It’s hard to think about the New York Yankees saying goodbye to the great player Derek Jeter, but the time has come to part ways with the soon to be 39-year-old player. Jeter can’t even run the bases at full speed yet, he can’t take part in spring training the way a ball player should and he is just taking up a spot on the Yankees roster they could use for another player. Jeter is soon to be history in New York. His ankle and legs have started to fail and if by some miracle, Jeter thinks he is ready to play come opening day in Cleveland and the Yankees fall for it and let him start the game, he will spend more time on the bench with injuries this season that the fans will think he is the Yankees new bench coach.

One thing we always thought about Jeter was, when it was time to leave the game he would just do it. It seems that he is slow at making the right call. He may need some help and that help should have come from the Yankees front office. Someone should have reminded Jeter that it is time to get out of the game. He is over the hill and he may need a push to make him realize that his is no longer in his prime. Yes, even the great Derek Jeter can’t slow down the clock of father time. It has caught him and it is wrapping the arms of age around the once great Yankees player. Give him a push and get him off the Yankees roster. Him being there is only a waste of a spot.

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  1. 11BB4

    Dude, you’re an idiot. Not only are you wrong about Jeter, but you don’t even have the opening day schedule correct. Keep guessing though, maybe you’ll get it right one of these times… Ass gasket…

    • LG

      Lets face it Jeter is done. How long do you expect a guy that is going to be 39 to play MLB?

      • Anonymous

        And how old is rivera

        • LG


      • mkp

        You are an idiot. Yes is going to be 39, but he is still the best player in the lineup. I’m guessing your years of baseball knowledge only goes back as far as nothing.

        • LG

          Lets be serious, the guy can’t even run the bases at full speed yet,his ankle is all pinned together and he won’t make it through the season…

  2. Anonymous

    Who writes this crap!!! You are an idiot! Do you even watch baseball???

    • LG

      I can tell by your comments that you may be the one who is an Idiot…..A lot of intelligence in your reply….

      • coolnewyorker

        It’s a well known old trick. The easiest way to get attention for an unknown loser is a pejorative troll on superstars.

  3. BaseballRules

    I guess you didn’t watch any of the games last season because he had one of his better years. He will be ready to go come opening day and he isn’t ready to hang ’em up yet!

    • LG

      Yes, he HAD a great year. The key point is he Had a great year and he HAD a great career. It is just time to replace the aging star….

  4. Shawn

    True that Jeter may be in his twilight but, he was a top 5 SS last year and deserves the chance to show he can still play. I personally don’t think he is done. As a life long Yankee fan I would love to see him go out on his own terms and not because he was injured. The way this team looks it may be the only positives are watching him Mo get to play again. Call me blind but if this team isn’t going to compete like they have then I see no harm in letting an all time great bless us with his manic a couple more times and I will bring my 6 year old son to see him and let him know he is getting the chance to watch two of the not only greatest yankees but two of the classiest guy to play the game. Good luck to Jeter and Rivera. And thank you for giving it your all every time you went out on the field.

    • LG

      Great Comment Shawn, I hope you are right. The Yankees are already having more than their fair share of injuries and trouble this spring. Maybe Jeter can pull it off…

      • coolnewyorker

        Just because Shawn did not call you IDIOT does not mean you aren’t.
        Only an idiot can write an idiotic article like yours, Yankee fan or not.

        And only an idiotic YB editor can pick up this garbage to post in Yankee site, or anywhere.

        • LG

          Just because someone writes an article you don’t agree with doesn’t make them an Idiot.

          • Anonymous

            well, let’s see. first you were adamant that jeter was done. i repeat, done . then when every one tells you how they feel about your vast knowledge of jeter’s ability, not to mention your keen ability to see into the future, you waffle, then say ,and i quote, “let’s face it pal, jeter’s close to being done in MLB. i’d say that qualifies you as an idiot. another overopinionated knowitall blogger. get a real job.

          • LG

            Hey, the season hasn’t even started yet. Don’t count your chickens before they hatch…

  5. LG

    Please, f you are going to comment keep it clean…..

  6. coolnewyorker

    I am not sure who has the lower baseball IQ: YB editor who picked up this idiotic article or the absolute idiot who wrote it.

  7. LG

    You Yankees fans don’t seem to get it. Jeter is done and when he gets hurt after a couple of weeks you’ll be the first one crying…..

  8. coolnewyorker

    Seriously, YB’s editorial staff should strive to maintain a minimmum standard of respectabilty. YB is acquiring a patina of yellow “journalism” with so many of gabage articles it picks up.

    This particular troll has no place in Yankees site,


  9. LG

    You have to be kidding me. Just because you don’t agree with an article you say this? Lets face it pal, Jeter is close to being done in MLB. He had a great run, all good things must come to an end, Including Derek Jeter playing for the New York Yankees….


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