Tim Tebow is once again the target of unnecessary criticism.  This time it is an article containing statements from cowards in the New York Jets locker room that don’t even have the balls to stand up in a team meeting and show themselves.  Rex Ryan held a special team meeting and asked the players responsible for the Tebow article to speak up, nobody would take ownership of the statements. Not one of the guys who made statements to the press would come forward,it is no wonder the Jets aren’t playing good football. They don’t even have the guts to speak their minds in team meetings, they go to the press and ask not to be identified. DO they have the guts to play in the N.F.L.?

Tim Tebow at least has the guts to tell people what is on his mind. Tebow’s faith in GOD makes him a little different from most NFL players and some don’t like it. People have a hard time identifying with someone who has a strong belief in something you can’t see. Maybe if these Jets players were able to believe in faith they could have enough faith in themselves to go out and play winning football. Rex Ryan is right, he has a football team that is full of cowards. You cannot win in the N.F.L. with a team full of cowards.

The Jets players that have made these comments should know what terrible is. The team is losing football games it could be because of the terrible play of these cowards Ryan has on his roster. After all Tebow has hardly had a chance to play in New York. It has been the rest of the New York Jets team that has been terrible this season. All Tebow has done is to be a little different from the average guy in the NFL. That alone is hardly a reason for these cowards to come out and make the statements to the press that they have made. Again I say it is because of their lack of faith in anything that has them losing football games and certainly not the play of Tim Tebow who isn’t even playing.

Grow some balls you cowards taking up a spot on the Jets roster, then maybe you would win a few football games. After all it was Tim Tebow that led his old team in the play-offs last season, I don’t remember the Jets being in the play-offs.


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