Lets face it, the Dallas Cowboys really just started camp a few days ago. Either they had some great mini camps, or Jerry Jones really likes what he is seeing on the field in just three days. Jones says the Cowboys are going to kick the Giants butts, and we cleaned it up a bit so we could post it here. Tony Romo and his Dallas Cowboys must be doing some great work in camp. Jerry Jones sure does have a lot of confidence in his players this year. Hey they made a solid pick for their defense with Morris Claiborne so the teams secondary has to be doing better. Maybe Jones is banking on the fact of Claiborne intercepting lots of passes from Eli Manning and returning them for touchdowns.

I hear Claiborne is getting tested pretty well by Dez Bryant. Who knows after covering Bryant Claiborne could be ready for anyone. Jones would tell Bryant himself to put Morris through the ringers if he wasn’t so pissed at him. You can’t blame Jerry Jones for having pride in his Cowboys. Jones did get some guys to Dallas that are sure to help the Cowboys contend this season. Maybe this is a way for Jones to get his team ready to compete at the highest level. Jones goes out and makes statements about how his Cowboys are going to kick the butts of the defending Super Bowl Champions and then his team has to respond. If they don’t they could be out of a job next season. After all isn’t Jones the one signing their checks? They better get out there and kick some butts now….

Tell us what you think about the Dallas Cowboys and what Jerry Jones said about kicking the Giants Butts, just leave your comments below…
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